Bellevue is the site of Amazon’s first full-size grocery store with technology that allows customers to bypass checkout lines as they exit the store. The Amazon Fresh store opens Thursday in The Marketplace at Factoria, 3901 Factoria Square Mall SE, the company announced in a blog this week.

Customers can use the new “Just Walk Out” technology or check out the traditional way using with store employees.

The Just Walk Out technology was pioneered in the much smaller Amazon Go stores before its rollout to a full-size grocery format.

Just Walk Out technology employs computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning, and gives customers the option to pick up what they want, and skip the checkout when they’re done. Anyone can take advantage of the technology, which connects to customers’ Amazon account or credit card. Customers are prompted at the store’s entry gates to choose if they want to use Just Walk Out shopping or the traditional checkout lanes, the blog said.

Customers who opt for Just Walk Out shopping can enter the store in three ways: They can scan the QR code in their Amazon app, use Amazon One to scan their palm, or insert a credit or debit card linked to their Amazon account. Each option will open the Just Walk Out gates. Once inside, customers shop like normal. Anything they take off the shelf is automatically added to their virtual cart, and anything they put back on the shelf comes out of their virtual cart. When finished shopping, customers using the Just Walk Out experience scan or insert their entry method again to exit, the blog explained.

“Bringing Just Walk Out technology to a full-size grocery space with the Amazon Fresh store in Bellevue showcases the technology’s continued ability to scale and adapt to new environments and selection,” Dilip Kumar, vice president of physical retail and technology at Amazon, said in the blog. “I’m thrilled it’ll help even more customers enjoy an easier and faster way to shop and can’t wait to get their feedback on this latest Just Walk Out offering.”

The first Amazon Fresh store opened last August. There are now 13 stores across California, Illinois, and Virginia, with the 14th and newest, in Bellevue, the first in Washington.

A blog FAQ asked if Just Walk Out technology would appear at other Amazon Fresh stores or at Whole Foods Market. The answer: “For now we’re excited to see how customers like the Just Walk Out shopping experience at the Amazon Fresh store in Bellevue, and we’ll go from there.”

Amazon Fresh Bellevue will be open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Its grand opening June 17-20 includes product giveaways, music, and more.