renderings of The Spheres courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon is working toward opening a new alternative think space at its Seattle campus in early 2018. The Spheres will be domed-shaped buildings that envelop a jungle-like environment full of more than 400 plant species. Treehouse meeting rooms and bird nest conference rooms will be near a five-story living wall and among river and waterfall features. The inside will be a balmy 72 degrees with humidity around 60 percent during the day.

The plants for The Spheres are currently being grown at a 40,000 square-foot greenhouse in Redmond. On April 20, the company celebrated Earth Day by inviting students from Lake Washington Environmental and Adventure School in Kirkland to get an exclusive first look at the plant life.

Amazon Greenhouse 10 - Photo by Ben VanHouten

courtesy of amazon.

Amazon is also currently housing some of the University of Washington’s plants while the school’s new state-of-the-art greenhouse is under construction. Some of the 9,000 specimens and 3,000 species that UW owns will be shared with Amazon.