Amazon places third on the list

Valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance today announced its list of America’s 500 most valuable brands — including several Washington tech giants — classified by industry and state.

Overall, America’s brands increased in value by 11 percent this year, putting the total value of America’s 500 brands at more than $3 trillion. Eleven of these five hundred companies call Washington state home.

Google has replaced Apple as most valuable brand in the country, and Amazon, AT&T, and Microsoft come in at third, fourth, and fifth places, respectively.

Amazon, number three nationwide, is the top most valuable brand in the state at $106.4 billion and counting. Brand value went up 53 percent this year and Amazon has stated that in the next 18 months it will be creating 100,000 jobs in the U.S. With so much growth, and the reshaping of the retail market, there is potential for Amazon to become America’s most valuable brand.

Ranked  fifth on Brand Finance’s list and second overall in the state is Microsoft, with a $76.3 billion brand value. Other state companies to place in the 500 include and Xbox.

Washington may only have 11 of the 500 brands, but the size of these brands means that the state accounts for 7.7 percent of the total brand value of the brands in the 500. California is still America’s most valuable state by brand value. Seventy-one of the five hundred brands are based in California, giving the state a $725 billion total value. New York is second place, and Texas takes third.

See the full list here.

Brand Finance analyzes the value of thousands of the world’s companies each year. Brand strength is measured by factors such as familiarity, preference, sustainability, and marketing investment.