Bookworms will soon have a new place to curl up in come fall. Amazon Books, the tech giant’s brick-and-mortar book store, will open at Bellevue Square.

In 2015, Amazon experimented with opening its very first bookstore at University Village in Seattle. Since then, it’s opened five other stores in San Diego, Chicago, Boston, and Oregon. According to Amazon’s website, the company has another six stores “coming soon,” including the Bellevue location.

Amazon, which is known for taking online retail to new heights, has been experimenting with opening more brick-and-mortar locations. In December of last year, the company opened a grocery store in downtown Seattle that allows customers to shop without having to walk through the checkout line. In March, it opened two AmazonFresh pickup locations in SoDo and Ballard. Some see these openings as indicators that Amazon sees value in having physical locations outside of its online empire. But the two go hand-in-hand.

Amazon Books uses online data to select which books make it on store shelves. “We select books based on customer ratings, pre-orders, sales, popularity on Goodreads, and our curators’ assessments,” the website states. The staff also keeps every book face out so customers can see the covers — like their presentation online.

Can’t find the book you want out of thousands in-store? You can bet Amazon has thought of that. You can buy a book online there and they’ll ship it to you. Prime customers, you’ll still get free shipping. Or, download your favorite read to Kindle. Don’t have one? Yeah, they thought of that, too. Play around with Echo, Kindle, Fire tablet, and Fire TV at Amazon Books.

Happy reading!