Photo courtesy of Allegion, taken at 2019 MFG Day event.

Allegion, a leading provider of security products and solutions, recently hosted its second-annual Manufacturing Day for its Technical Glass Products (TGP) operations in Snoqualmie.

This year, the event was entirely virtual through Microsoft Teams, and students were able to attend online and hear from the Allegion leadership team and manufacturing employees. 

The 2020 virtual MFG Day consisted of eight virtual field trips and included real-time presentations from plant leadership teams, virtual tours of the Allegion manufacturing facilities where TGP fire-related and architectural glass and framing is produced, interviews with 30 employees, an employee panel discussion, and recorded remarks from government officials.

Photo courtesy of Allegion, taken at 2019 MFG Day event.

“The future of manufacturing has never been brighter – and, oftentimes, people don’t realize how the industry has evolved and the innovation that’s taking place,” said Devin Bowman, TGP general manager. “That’s why we’re virtually showing students and community leaders the variety of jobs you can have in manufacturing, the modern culture in manufacturing and the problem solving and creative thinking needed in manufacturing. The work people do here through modern manufacturing roles is incredibly valuable and essential – at TGP and Allegion, we’re helping keep people safe through our products every day.”

Photo Courtesy of Allegion, taken at 2019 MFG Day event.

Manufacturing Day is an annual event in October where American producers educate people about the manufacturing industry. Events may come in the form of tours, presentations, or roundtables, and attendees range from high school and college students to elected officials, customers, suppliers, business partners, and whoever else is interested in learning more about the industry.

Manufacturing Day is supported by the National Association of Manufacturing and its Manufacturing Institute.

Allegion is using this event to cultivate relationships with Washington schools in order to develop ways to teach students about manufacturing careers. They have also worked to create skilled trade apprenticeship programs and tuition reimbursement opportunities for students.

A recording will be made available for those who could not attend.

“There are increasing opportunities for careers in manufacturing — people can create their own tracks and do work that interests them in many different areas,” said Janice Evans, HR director of Allegion’s TGP locations and AD Systems location in Everett. “If you have a willingness to learn and partner in an organization, you can succeed here.”