Redmond-based mobile company Captain Blimey, a free augmented reality game with a pirate theme, is now available for mobile devices via Google Play and the App Store.

The game is based around a treasure hunt with clues players need to unlock. Be the first to figure out the clues and you can win cash prizes. There are local, domestic, and international hunts going on.

Screenshot of Captain Blimey’s intro screen.

Other than cash hunts, players can search for hidden treasure chests in the game. Chests are filled with potions, treasures, and coins. To find treasure chests, explore local neighborhoods. Use an augmented reality mode with the device’s camera to discover the treasures.

“Captain Blimey motivates players to move and be active through its competitive game rewards such as cash prizes or gift cards,” said Srikant Vemparala, one of the game’s three founders. “In designing the game, we solved the problem of geographic barriers in treasure hunts. Friends from Seattle to New York City can play together, whether working together to solve a treasure hunt or indulging in a friendly competition.”

You can see a tutorial on YouTube.

The game is celebrating its launch with a local treasure hunt beginning at 11 a.m. May 20 in Seattle. There will be six Seattle neighborhoods included and neighborhood hunt winners can select a $500 gift card to a retailer or restaurant. The hunt is organized by founders Vemparala, Mike Snow, and Pradeep Kanneganti.

The game was inspired by Forest Fenn, an author and art dealer who hid a $1 million treasure in the Rocky Mountains. The founders say they were inspired by the search for The “Fenn Treasure.”

The game is backed up by Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington.

“A successful entrepreneur over the last 40 years, I am keen to identify and capitalize on the trends illuminating mobile gaming’s role in technology and social engagement online,” said Harrington. “I expect the game’s inclusive platform and AR will make Captain Blimey incredibly popular.”