courtesy of Ikea

Renton is getting a new Ikea. The furniture company announced it has started to demolish the store’s existing west parking garage to make room for a larger and more updated store slated to open in spring 2017.

Ikea is adding parking spaces around the store and will shuttle customers from parking spots two blocks away on busy weekends and holidays. The shuttle will run every 10 minutes.  There will also be product holding areas where customers can return and pick up their purchases.

After the parking structure is gone and the site is repurposed, construction on the new Ikea likely will begin later this year. The store will be 406,000-square-feet (just 8 square-feet larger than the current store) with two levels featuring a modern layout and 1,600 parking spaces.


Rendering courtesy Ikea

“After more than 20 years operating at this Renton location, we look forward to many more years – but now with a new store that will offer Seattle-area customers an updated, spacious, and enhanced Ikea shopping experience,” said Lars Petersson, Ikea U.S. president in a statement.

Ikea opened in Renton in 1994, but the exisitng retail building is older than that.  Built in 1979, it was a single level warehouse made to house aerospace electronics.

Ikea plans to recycle and salvage much of the current stores’ equipment and material. Deacon Corp. has been contracted to build the new space with a larger restaurant featuring casual Swedish cuisine. It also will have a supervised play area, more play areas around the store, 50 inspirational room-settings, and all 10,000 IKEA designed items.