425 Collective, backed by Kirkland’s Northwest University, opened for business earlier this month. Community Manager Levi Davenport said he is looking forward to digging in with Kirkland’s startup community and give Northwest University students the opportunity to interact with and intern for entrepreneurs.

The co-working space was conceived early this year after the university completed a feasibility study. The city cheered on the evolution of the space, hoping it would give startup founders another reason to stay within Kirkland city limits.

“The majority of the people meeting and renting will be everyday businesses from Kirkland, not necessarily connected to Northwest University,” 425 Collective Interm Director Sam Smith said in a statement. “It’s a collective for Kirkland.”

The space, located at 6710 108th Ave. Northeast, is owned by the university. John Quick and Jak Moroshan, alum of Northwest U, designed the space. Moroshan served as the contractor for the project, which included plenty of demo taking down multiple walls, and a revitalization of the building’s entire third floor. A cafe was installed with view of Lake Washington, and plenty of collaborative space was included in the new plans.

Moroshan spent time researching the elements of office spaces and co-working spaces that keep people calm and productive without putting them to sleep. He was able to peek inside the nearby Google office to glean inspiration and ideas for intuitive design and workspace layout. “When people use their visual senses more, they use their creativity without even knowing it,” he said.

The space is chock full of comfortable seating, large workspaces to lay out plans and papers, and a multitude of desks and collaborative space. “It’ll be a melting pot between creatives and entrepreneurs and business people. I think it’s just going to be fantastic for the university to have that,” Moroshan said.

425 Collective originally planned to launch its space with Kirkland’s Startup Weekend at the end of October, but the event was postponed for a later date. On November 5, the space held it’s opening soiree, and since then, both students and entrepreneurs have used the space.