IDEA Awards

IDEA Awards Nominations

425 Business magazine is now welcoming nominations for the 2018 IDEA Awards. Help us honor and recognize the Eastside business community’s Innovation, Distinction, Excellence, and Achievement in the following 8 categories: Best Office Space, Standout Startup, CEO of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, Most Innovative Company, Best Marketing Campaign, Legacy Business of the Year, and Most Philanthropic.

*Nominations end July 31, 2018*

  • Best Office Space

    We want to know which office space on the Eastside sets itself apart from others and what makes it stand out. Is it a unique design? Or maybe it’s workplace perks like on-site yoga and free snacks? Tell us which Eastside company is raising the bar when it comes to creating an envy-worthy office space.
  • Standout Startup

    New startups are always cropping up on the Eastside. With so many, it’s hard to keep track. We want to know which startups are setting themselves apart from the crowd. (Qualifying startup must be two years old or younger.)
  • CEO of the Year

    There are no shortage of CEOs on the Eastside, which makes choosing just one a difficult task. We want to know which company’s CEO stands out from the crowd, whether it be due to unparalleled success, inspiring leadership, or other impressive qualities.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year

    The Eastside is brimming with individuals who know business best. We want to know which Eastside entrepreneur sets himself or herself apart when it comes to entrepreneurship.
  • Most Innovative Company

    Innovators come in all shapes and sizes. We want to know which Eastside company is the most innovative when it comes to developing new products and ideas.
  • Best Marketing Campaign

    A good marketing campaign can make or break a business. We want to know which Eastside business had the most attention-grabbing and successful marketing campaign.
  • Legacy Business of the Year

    New companies are in no short supply on the Eastside, but some businesses which have made a lasting impression on the region were founded generations ago. Tell us which Eastside business with longstanding roots in the area is most deserving of the title Legacy Business of the Year.
  • Most Philanthropic

    Companies give back in different ways, and some more than others. Which Eastside company is the most philanthropic? Tell us, we want to know!