Tech-savvy wineries and aficionados get ready: The latest release of Internet top level domains from Bellevue-based Donuts Inc. are now available.

Paul Stahura, photo courtesy ICANNwiki

Paul Stahura, CEO of Kirkland-based Donuts. photo courtesy ICANNwiki

Donuts Inc. announced this week that .wine and .vin are available for registration beginning today, Jan. 20. The launch follows a two-month Sunrise period, during which trademark holders were able to secure the new domains. Donuts CEO Paul Stahura said the Sunrise period was the most active in Donut’s history with more than 1,300 trademark owners securing new domains.

Now that the Sunrise period has ended, others involved in the wine community, from educators, tourism groups, and retailers, can get in on the action. For example, has been snapped up by Alberto Ribeiro de Almeida of the Port and Douro Wines Institute. Other options, such as,, and, and their .vin siblings, appear to be ripe for the picking.

“With more than 38.4 billion bottles of wine produced worldwide annually, it is no surprise that wine is a critical piece of the social fabric of cultures across the globe,” Stahura said in a statement. “I can’t think of a more appropriate community to have its own trustworthy domain names.  .Wine and .vin will enable wine connoisseurs and the businesses that serve them to build identities and vibrant communities where commerce and ideas can flow freely.”

The new domains are part of a growing list of alternative TLDs affectionately called “not-com” domains. In 2015, new domain registrations grew by 263 percent, according to Donuts. The draw of unique “not-com” TLDs goes beyond utility and offers a unique opportunity for branding and marketing, and established brand powerhouses, such as REI, Amazon, and Microsoft, are branching into TLD options.

This post has be edited to reflect the correct location of Donuts, Inc.