Approximately 165 members of the Eastside’s professional community gathered to celebrate this year’s 425 Business 30 Under 30 cohort at a recognition ceremony on Sept. 5 at W Hotel Bellevue.

The group of up-and-coming professionals, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, accompanied by friends, family, and supporters, were treated to a cocktail hour featuring insightful speakers, promising networking opportunities, delectable food and beverage, and — best of all — themselves.

Josh Dunn, publisher of 425 Business magazine, addressed this year’s honorees; “We want to continue to elevate and honor you, and give you a platform to be successful. We want 425 Business to come alongside all your amazing adventures.”

Annually, the magazine accepts submissions to determine the most notable movers and shakers emerging into the Eastside business landscape. It determines a selection based on those submissions, and features them within the pages of the magazine and during celebratory event.

This year’s event had a few surprises in store for attendees. The event began with a panel led by Bryce McDonald, managing director for Cornerstone Advisors, and featuring Amy Nelson, founder and CEO of The Riveter, as well as Ally Svenson, co-founder of MOD Pizza.

McDonald facilitated a conversation between the two powerhouse business women and the crowd of emerging leaders. Topics ranged from defining purpose to building company culture, to early stage funding, to listening to one’s instincts.

When asked what advice they would offer to their under 30 selves, the women tapped into their extensive knowledge of building a business empire, multiple careers and endeavors that got them to that point, and the wisdom distilled from trial and error to mentor the young people in front of them.

“You can do so much more than you think you’re capable of. And it can be scary and terrifying, but you should swing for the fences because you only get one chance,” said Nelson.

“I agree with that,” Svenson added. “I think that’s the most important bit of advice at this age because it’s the shortcut. You will spend years of wasted time waiting for someone else to do the thing. Now, this is assuming that what you want to do matters and needs to be done and is truly an awesome idea. And if it is, get on with it.”

After the panel, Jeff Burlingame, editor-in-chief of 425 Business, was ready to hand out the awards. But instead of announcing the honorees himself, he brought previous 30 Under 30 alumni onto the stage to announce the winners. Norman Wu, co-founder of Just Poke, and Ariv Adiaman, co-founder of Vozhi, called up the honorees one by one to a rousing round of applause.

The event was made possible by our sponsors. Thank you to Cornerstone Advisors, HardCastle AV, MadCap Marketing, Verbovski Photography, Spencer Kabelac Productions, Bellevue Collection, WeWork, Slalom Consulting, Conscious EateryW Bellevue, MOD Pizza, and The Riveter for their support in celebrating the 2019 30 Under 30 honorees.

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Nominations are always open for the upcoming year’s outstanding, young entrepreneurs and business people. To nominate an individual for the 2020 30 Under 30 cohort, fill out an application here.