Ever since she was a kid, Quyen Dang has loved to build things from scratch — architecture and science were among her dream jobs. Today, these childhood dreams are coming to a unique and delicious fruition at her newly opened business in downtown Bellevue: FogRose Ice Cream Boutique.

Quyen Dang

Photo by Jeff Hobson

Here, she serves artistically designed liquid nitrogen ice cream with homemade flavors and toppings. Dang’s café-style ice cream shop offers a space for people to unwind after a work week, celebrate a birthday, or just enjoy an artisanal cone.

“The science of liquid nitrogen is really fun to see,” Dang said. “Being able to experiment with different flavors, and watch the fog come out, and then see the reaction from people who haven’t seen anything like it before, is probably the best part of my job.”

While making ice cream certainly has its sweetness, opening a small business has its own set of obstacles. Many of Dang’s problem-solving skills come from her 11 years of working as a civil engineer in California and Bellevue.

“Project management, working with clients, and being in a work setting where I was being challenged every day. I was able to transfer those skills over to running my business,” Dang said. “I think with a small business, you have to be really mentally strong to drive forward everyday, and wake up every day wanting to do better. A lot of it is psychological.”

This significant career shift was prompted in part by her creative drive.

“What I did for many years was design underground — water, sewer pipelines,” Dang said. “Even though that was great and fun to do, you couldn’t really see a lot of the things that I designed as an engineer. Through this business, I’m able to incorporate colors and florals into my designs, and tap into that creative side.”

Dang is already expanding her business with the upcoming FogRose Atelier, set to open this October in Bellevue. This new location will offer an expanded selection, including a bar menu with boozy ice cream floats.

Keep reading to see a day in the life of an innovative ice cream engineer.


Alarm clock - dog

7 a.m.
My very reliable alarm clock tells me it’s time to start the day.


Tofu Dog morning walk

8 a.m.
After our morning walk, Tofu knows I have to leave for work.


8:30 emails

8:30 a.m.
I review outstanding tasks for the week and answer lots and lots of emails.



10 a.m.
Our pastry chef delivers these beautiful painted macarons today to be used as toppings.


Staff training

10:30 a.m.
The staff gets trained on making fresh waffle cones and bowls for daily use.


menu development

11 a.m.
I work on new flavors for our upcoming menu.



Decorating is my favorite thing to do at the shop. I like to show our staff how each topping should be placed.


Making ice cream

1 p.m.
When frequent customers come in, I like to make their ice cream myself and ask how their week has been.


ice cream photoshoot

3 p.m.
It’s time for a photoshoot. I help style one of our yummy menu items for the photographer.


District one

6 p.m.
I love going to my favorite spot on the Eastside, District One Saigon, for dinner and to catch up with friends.


staying in with tofu

8 p.m.
Back home with Tofu. We’re staying in tonight to plan our next adventure.


ice creamCome in to our boutique in Bellevue and create your own unique ice cream!