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November 2016

Get out and Game

Boeing worker finds release and social connections through video gaming The fights, explosions, shootouts, and high-speed car crashes of thriller movies get viewers’ blood pumping, and the successes and failures…

Kids Who Give

Photos by Rachel Coward

These Eastside kids have outgrown the lemonade stand and now are giving charitable adults a run for their money. Kids always are eager to get their hands on a few…

The Giving-Back Guide

In this season of giving, here are some of the Eastside-based charities we think you should know about that are out there fighting the good fight. Rescue:Freedom Where it is:…

Companies That Give Back

In an ideal world, people would donate to charities year-round, giving those that are helping others a steady stream of revenue with which to consistently do so. But in reality,…

Teen Driver

Photos by Rachel Coward

Eastside wunderkind takes off for college while expanding his successful business All Jonny Netz wanted was $500 to buy some black rims for his silver 2014 Ford Explorer. So the…

Office Envy: Greenpoint Technologies


When you think interior design, you probably think of a beautiful home, a high-end restaurant, or a swanky office. But what about a private jet? It’s someone’s job to design…

Giving up on the Dream

Illustration by Mike Forbush

The money’s gone, and no one’s buying your product. How do you know when it’s time to abandon ship on your startup? Terry Drayton is like a cat with nine…

Homeward Bound

Collage by Alex Schloer, Seattle image © 2007 Don Gosdin, Creative Commons

Amazon Would Be Big Part of Bellevue’s Continuing Growth Rumors have surfaced that Amazon will be opening an office on the Eastside at the new Schnitzer West building in downtown…

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