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July 2015

Issaquah Executive Finds Relief in Boating

Dupleich and her husband, Will, boat on the Lake Washington Ship Canal. Photos by Rachel Coward.

Float away from stress Boating hasn’t always been a part of Sandy Dupleich’s life. The Issaquah resident and partner at Tukwila-based translation-services company Dynamic Language came to the area from…

Itinerary: New York City

“NYC 2013” © 2013 kidkutsmedia, used under a creative commons attribution license.

The City That Never Sleeps buzzes with business activity around the clock New York is a city of superlatives: the best, the biggest, the brightest. When it comes to business,…

Handling Meydenbauer and Visitors

Overseeing the $12.5 million renovation of Bellevue’s Meydenbauer Center might be at the forefront of Stacy Graven’s mind these days — at least until the renovation is completed in September…

60 Tips for Marketing Your Company

There’s always room for improvement, but it doesn’t have to be complicated MEET OUR MARKETERS               Marketing might be the most overlooked aspect of…

Creative Agencies: Should You Hire One?

Before weighing pros and cons, define exactly what you need Let’s start this off with a quick quiz. To you, an effective marketing plan is: (A) Vital to the success of…

Mellow Out; Year 2 Will Be Smoother

When it finishes its expansion, Seattle’s New Leaf Enterprises will have an extra 14,000 square feet to grow marijuana. Photos by Julia Sumpter.

A year ago, Washington introduced a new industry that was previously illegal. Not everything went as planned. When one wins the lottery, a few things typically take place. First, there’s…

Tuning in to Television Metrics

Bellevue’s is measuring TV ad performance in a new era The Internet has changed how and where media are consumed, and it’s made buying ads and determining a media…

Don’t Let Unemployment Drag You Down

In 2010, I was laid off two weeks before Christmas. In hindsight, there were signs something might be up, but I considered the move rather abrupt when it happened. During…

The Business of Mercer Island

“I90 Floating bridge” ©2015 SounderBruce, used under a creative commons attribution license

Stores on the high-end island have found their niche Many think of Mercer Island simply as a piece of land in Lake Washington filled with wealthy residents and holding bridges…

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