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January 2017

Searching for Balance


Managing work and home means busy parents never clock out Photos by Rachel Coward Having kids changes everything. Many working parents are required to juggle a myriad of tasks —…

Pickleball Promoter

Photo by Rachel Coward

Jim Price acquired his love for pickleball late in life, but he’s since become one of the area’s biggest advocates for the up-and-coming sport In 1995, a couple of pickleball…

Peace of Mind


Fear, stigma, and discrimination have made mental illness a workplace taboo. But some local employers and business leaders are starting a dialogue around workplace mental health with the goal of…

ASK: Design + Build

Sound Financial Group president Paul Adams sees similarities between building a home and building your financial portfolio If you meet with Sound Financial Group founder and president Paul Adams for…

Office Envy: Nytec

Precision Engineered:
Vice president of product innovation Vince Ball has a roomy office with a wall of windows, mini bar, and tall exposed ceilings. Ball envisioned, designed, outfitted, and managed the creation of Nytec’s inviting and inspiring office environment.

Nytec, headquartered in Kirkland with offices in China and India, is a full-service design and engineering consulting firm that provides solutions for on-demand consumer lifestyle products. Allow us to break…

Headshots 101: How to Look Picture-Perfect

It’s no breaking news that we live in a digital age. Whether you’re networking with other professionals through email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, connections are made in cyberspace while we…

Better Together

Illustration by Alex Schloer

As coworking spaces become increasingly popular among the startup community and companies with distributed workforces, the Eastside expands its offerings In regions dense with startups, distributed work teams, and freelancers,…

Startup Stardom

Via virtual reality headsets, Doghead Simulations’ software puts users from across the globe into the same virtual meeting space, where they can share presentations and interact as if they were all in the same conference room.

Two local startups stole the stage at Seattle Startup Week’s IBM SmartCamp competition During Seattle Startup Week, Bellevue-based Doghead Simulations and Seattle startup Prolaera participated in IBM SmartCamp, a live-pitch…

Making a World from Nothingness

Bellevue’s ArenaNet creates online fantasy games such as Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

At Bellevue-based ArenaNet, creating a video game world from scratch is a monumental and satisfying undertaking. Full disclosure: I’m not a gamer. But as a writer, I have an inherent…

On the Books

Life, Incorporated: A Practical Guide to Wholehearted Living Halley Bock | $23, Greenleaf Press The new year is a time to rethink your life. Are you spending too much time…

Infrastructure for the Future


With population on the rise, Eastside schools are feeling the impact. Enrollment is up across the region, and district officials are working hard to ensure students’ access to technology doesn’t…

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