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February 2017

The Seven Essentials to Business Casual

business casual pexels

So what does business casual actually mean? If you’re working in an office that requires business casual dress, you can bet there’s no need to iron your formal suits. But…

Sustainability Stewards


The (sometimes) unsung heroes striving to protect the Eastside for future generations When it comes to being green, the Pacific Northwest already is a deep shade of emerald, according to…

Up Through The Ranks

Photos by Rod Mar

Newcastle’s Chuck Arnold began his career with the Seattle Seahawks in 1993 as a do-everything intern. Now, he’s the powerful NFL franchise’s chief operating officer. The career path charted by…

Office Envy: Berntson Porter

Snack Time: The spacious kitchen offers drinks and coffee to employees throughout the day.

Now in its 31st year, Berntson Porter, or BP, is a certified public accounting and planning firm based in downtown Bellevue. In addition to providing tax, accounting, and a wide…

Wanna Buy a House? Grab a Friend

Illustration by Mike Forbush

Until recently, when people entered non-traditional home-buying partnerships, they had to seek costly attorney services or navigate the system on their own. Bellevue-based startup CoBuy aims to make things easier.…

Meet and Greet


We spend more of our time living online and staring at our smart-phones. So why does old-fashioned, face-to-face networking still exist? The next time you are waiting in an airport…

On the Books

The 100: Building Blocks for Business Leadership Tom Salonek, $14, B2 Books Compact and succinct, Tom Salonek’s business-advice book The 100 breaks leadership lessons down into bite-size chunks. Salonek is…

Ask Arden: Underdressed for a Meeting

suit pexels

Not sure how to ask your boss for a raise or quiet your chatty coworker? Etiquette expert Arden Clise is here to answer your awkward workplace questions. Q: I forgot…

Local Apps Worth A Few Bytes

The Eastside is a tech-savvy community that takes pride in providing products and services that make people’s lives easier. We found a new app that better connects you to your…

New to Lincoln Square

This year, the Lincoln Square expansion will welcome a long list of new businesses to the area. In the fall, Nordstrom Rack will open an approximately 43,000-square-foot store in the…

Eastside 2025

Eastside 2025

Of course, nobody can predict the future. But development activities under way do provide some signals as to what the Eastside will look like in 2025 — and beyond. Eastside…

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