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February 2016

Office Envy: Evergreen Home Loans


Lovely lobby – The office’s entrance is bright, modern, and welcoming. Hard at work – Executive Vice President David Floan works in his spacious, private office. Airy conferences – The office features conference rooms filled…

Magical Valuation

Illustration by Mike Forbush

A startup’s value is fluid and matters most upon exit Here’s a fact that may surprise you: Most startup founders aren’t looking for a massive valuation and a quick, cash-laden exit.…

Sammamish: Land of the Home-Based Business

Illustrations by Alex Schloer

The community appears to host nothing but houses, but more than 3,500 businesses are based in those stately homes Apple, Yankee Candle Company, Google, Mattel,, Harley Davidson — all these…

Carbon Footprints in the Forest


Carbon Footprints in the Forest Environmentally conscious choices usually eat away at profits. But for these Eastside companies, environmental stewardship is the business model. From the late 1980s through the…

The Business Behind Wearable Fitness


Companies large and small are peddling fitness trackers for the masses Tech companies have become intent on creating products that help people stay fit. A primary method of doing so…

Eastside Real Estate is Growing Up

RSIR President Dean Jones, Vice President Stacy Jones, and adviser Robert Pong meet in the Kirkland office, which includes a tea room designed to make Chinese buyers feel comfortable. / RSIR总裁迪恩•琼斯、副总裁丝黛西•琼斯,以及顾问庞毅在柯克兰办公室会晤商谈。这间办公室为了给中国买家营造舒适惬意的气氛,特意布置了一间茶室。

As the Eastside transforms into an international hub, the cost of real estate isn’t the only thing that will rise Dean Jones believes he has seen the future, and it…

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