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December 2014

Update and Q+A With Point Inside CEO Josh Marti

In December, 425 Business profiled Bellevue-based retail analytics and indoor-mapping company Point Inside. The company, known for its StoreMode platform that allows large retailers to enhance their branded apps with…

Office Envy: GLY Construction

The office features an
open floor plan.
Skylights keep the
space bright and

GLY Construction has grown into one of the region’s largest and most respected locally owned general contractors with a portfolio that includes Microsoft, Lincoln Square Tower, and Overlake Medical Center. The company prides itself on creating sustainable,…

The Giving Companies

Every year as the holiday season rolls around, focus turns to charitable giving and philanthropy. We looked across the Eastside and selected eight companies that focus on charitable contributions, whether…

Itinerary: Vancouver

Photo courtesy Tourism Vancouver

A city defined by its sea-to-mountain setting has an eye-popping economy as well. Vancouver, Canada’s largest West Coast outpost, is a hub of economic activity. Given that Van City recently was named the…

Fishing for Balance

Technology contractor Bruce Farr works long hours for giant companies, but he’s adapted his life to maximize time on the river. Washington’s contrasting elements are Bruce Farr’s yin and yang. The picturesque Puget…

Startup Resources

If you are one of many Eastsiders burning the midnight oil working on the “next big thing,” it’s quite possible you are hung up on one major question: What’s next? Following Startup Weekends…

ASK: Tax Code Changes for 2014

Tax code changes will ding top earners and IRA drawers Tax season is fast approaching. To catch up with what’s new this year, we reached out to Ryan Kidd, a…

Cloudy Security


Services like Red Folder are encouraging consumers to store sensitive information on the cloud. But are passwords and account numbers actually safe there? In the southeast corner of Kathy Burgess’ Woodinville…

Art of Networking

Productivity coach Susan
Brennan acts out a skit. Photo by Mike Nakamura

Business Theatre Live combines entertainment and professional development. Movie clips. Business lessons. Dramatic skits. Networking. In most settings, these things don’t have much in common. But at Business Theatre Live, participants…

From the Editor: We Want to Inspire You

I can’t say I identify with the story or plight of every one of the dozens of humanitarians we highlight in this issue of 425 Business, but I can say…

Where You Can Help

Feeling charitable this season? Here are some Eastside nonprofits and charities worthy of your donation and/or volunteer time.  The Martinez Foundation Mission: To improve teacher diversity and retention in Washington…

Philanthropy On The Clock

As workers become more socially conscious, companies have responded by bucking the traditional philanthropy model. Two local business owners — Eirik Olsen of Sterling, Johnston & Associates and Shelly Morse of The…

Tying Brick and Mortar to Digital

Photo by Rachel Coward

Point Inside aims to bridge retail’s divide between the physical and online spheres. Many of our wants can now be acquired with the swipe of a finger. You can use…

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