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Female-Led Tech Startups Face a Male-Dominated Investment Community

A recent study in the Harvard Business Review revealed that only 9 percent of entrepreneurs in VC-financed tech startups are women. The study also found that female-led tech startups are…

Gazing at the Crystal Ball

Illustration by Mike Forbush

Eastside industry experts make their predictions for 2017 What a difference a year makes. On the Eastside in 2016, much has happened. The region is blessed with a rich and…

Itching to Go Public? Tread Softly

Illustration by Mike Forbush

Make sure your board is qualified, and show investors significant growth Filing for an initial public offering for a company can be an alluring prospect, but is it the right…

Giving up on the Dream

Illustration by Mike Forbush

The money’s gone, and no one’s buying your product. How do you know when it’s time to abandon ship on your startup? Terry Drayton is like a cat with nine…

Start Early to Combat the Tax-Season Blues

Illustration by Alex Schloer

We all know the feeling — that sudden sense of anxiety in your gut when you think about April 15, tax day. So many questions, right? Lucky for us in…

Private Fly

A cool ride, and no TSA
Renton Coil Spring owner Chuck Pepka sees his company’s TDM 850 as a time-saver that allows for travel to smaller airports on demand. Photos by Rachel Coward

Some businesses are saving time by avoiding commercial flights and going the private route Whether you’re an Eastside business owner in the market for a high-performance plane, a vacationer looking…

Pro Bono – Business Law’s Frequently Asked Questions

MichelleBomberger. Photo by Rachel Coward

We solicited advice from six of the Eastside’s top attorneys on business-related topics  — and you don’t have to pay a retainer fee to read it. The hard truth of business is…

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